Air Link is fully equipped to implement a pneumatic tube system that meets your specific design and personnel needs, allowing increased productivity and operational efficiency at your locations, regardless of your organization’s size.

As a leading provider of pneumatic tube systems, Air Link realizes that time is money and increasing efficiency will ultimately increase your bottom line. By providing extensive design assistance, our experienced team will make sure you receive the exact tube system to fulfill your organizations needs. We work with you to:

  • Establish the type of system that will provide the best possible efficiency
  • Establish station types and locations
  • Implement routing to accommodate your new delivery system
  • Determine electrical requirements to support the system
  • Determine if any additional construction is required

Based on your determined needs, our staff will then provide a quote or pre-installation pricing, keeping in mind the budget specification you’ve set aside for your system. Our professional management team and system engineers are available to provide training and support to all users of the pneumatic tube system, thereby reducing variable expenses and increasing operational efficiency of your organization.