Transportation/Batch Plant/ Recycling Facilities

When transportation in high volumes matter, dedicated time to hand-carry delivery tickets and other load documents means a cap on production levels.

With an Air Link air tube system, plants can put the focus back on the transportation of goods, rather than on required documentation. Weigh tickets, signed copy returns, delivery tickets, load documents and even cash are quickly transported with Air Links air tube systems. As an additional option, Air Link offers intercom systems. These enable improved work flow between departments and an increase in both company efficiency and employee production time.

An Air Link air tube system also increases safety in transportation, batch plant and recycling facilities. The air tube systems eliminate the need for personnel to walk through traffic to deliver documentation to or from the dispatch office to batching, the scale, guard shack or shipping/receiving, which can be a safety hazard. Air tube systems also produce less interruption and distraction for dispatchers, and further, allow drivers to remain in their vehicles on the scales and drive out areas, increasing safety and creating a continuous and efficient flow of loading and unloading.

Air Link air tube systems are installed underground or overhead, with long-lasting, high quality components and are available with oriented single or multi-station systems.

The air tube systems are easy to use and maintain on a periodic basis. Should you experience a problem with your system, our local service technicians are available nationwide to ensure that your air tube system performs at optimal speed and precision. As a provider to the transportation, batch plant and recycling industries for over 45 years, Air Link is a leader in creating proven, reliable air tube system equipment for organizations across the country.

Ideal for:

  • Recycling facilities
  • Concrete, asphalt, sand and aggregates
  • Batch plants