Whether your design is large or small, expansive or compact, Air Link experts are available to provide end-to-end design assistance to help you incorporate the right air tube system to your building design.

Once you have worked with our experienced system experts to determine the appropriate air tube system, we then provide specification assistance to ensure you receive the exact system intended to support and complement your building design. We work with you to:

  • Establish station types and locations to provide the best possible efficiency
  • Implement routing to accommodate tubing and the required bend radius
  • Determine electrical requirements to support the system
  • Provide cut sheets and dimensions for required equipment

Additionally, if you are designing for a hospital or other health care facility requiring seismic bracing, Air Link provides system, station and equipment design assistance including seismic bracing support or OSHPD data, as well as space and electrical requirements to support the system.

Our staff will provide a budgetary quote and/or firm pricing based on your determined needs, ensuring that your financial requirements are addressed early in the process. Additionally, our professional management team and system engineers are available to provide installation coordination, as well as end user and maintenance training for optimal system performance.