Facility Engineer

Our expert staff is available to assist in all your planning needs from specifications, shop drawings, pre-construction budgetary pricing to project coordination, allowing you to seamlessly and effectively implement Air Link’s pneumatic tube system into your project.

Whether your application is large or small, standard or specialized, our air tube system experts are available to determine the appropriate pneumatic tube system for your facility. We work with you to:

  • Establish station types and locations to provide the best possible efficiency
  • Implement routing to accommodate tubing and the required bend radius
  • Determine electrical requirements to support the system
  • Determine if any additional construction work is required
  • Provide cut sheet and dimensions for all required equipment

Once your needs are determined, our staff can then provide a budgetary quote and/or firm pricing, ensuring that your financial requirements are addressed early in the process. Additionally, our professional management team and system engineers are available to provide installation coordination, as well as end user and maintenance training for optimal system performance.

As an added value to our customers, Air Link goes the extra mile by offering support and service for many of our competitors systems. If your current system is outdated or unreliable, Air Link can provide economical and non-invasive upgrade options. With over 45 years experience, our knowledgeable engineers are able to reuse most existing systems within a facility by only replacing vital components and thus eliminating needless construction and interruption to operations.